Mercedes' Pools™ Weekly Service

weekly laandscape service from Mercedes Landscape


Mercedes' Pools™ are specialists in maintaining pools in perfect condition through our weekly service program. With our service you will know that your pool will always be clean, the water will be fresh and clear and the temperature will be just right.



During each weekly service visit we do all of the following:

  • Vacuum the pool
  • Backwash D.E. (diatomaceous) and sand filters
  • Clean skimmer basket(s)
  • Empty pump trap
  • Empty leaf trap (if installed)
  • Add chlorine as needed
  • Empty pool cleaner (kreepy krauly/pool sweep/etc.)
  • Shock pool as required
  • Add algaecide as needed
  • Balance all other chemicals as needed
  • Brush pool as needed
  • Lightly wash deck as needed (hose must be available).

To make it easier and faster for you, we have created a Weekly Service start-up form. All you need to do is complete the information, add your special requests, need and/or comments and click "send" and we'll finalize everything and begin your service. We'll call you to discuss specifics as needed and then you can leave the work to us and start using your time to enjoy your pool/spa.

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